Under the CCPA, California residents have certain rights pertaining to TrueData’s collection, use, and sharing of their personal information. These rights include the right to direct TrueData to stop selling your personal information (the right to opt-out).

For more information about TrueData’s privacy practices and your rights under the CCPA, please review our privacy policy.
To initiate a Opt-out request, please enter your email below, location, and other optional details, and push the “SUBMIT” button to begin your request.

TrueData will use the information you provide below solely to honor your opt-out request. If you have multiple e-mails / Mobile Identifiers, please submit the form multiple times to ensure complete opt-out.

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Although we are under no obligation to do so, as a courtesy, we strive to respond to requests from residents of other jurisdictions outside California.
In addition, we sometimes use the Personal Information in our data for purposes of online advertising, usually by working with partners that use online identifiers that they link to various audience segments and interests in order to better target advertising and understand aggregate user behavior. You may opt out of this type of “interest-based” or “personalized” advertising by visiting the “opt out” pages run by the NAI and DAA, two industry trade groups. Those pages are here and here .