Under specific data privacy laws, Data Subjects have certain rights pertaining to TrueData’s collection, use, and sharing of their personal information. These rights include the right to direct TrueData to stop selling your personal information (the right to opt-out), the right to request access to your personal information, and the right to request deletion of personal information we have collected directly from you, such as if you have been a customer or prospective business partner of ours.

YOUR OPT-OUT RIGHTS: If what you are requesting is that we “opt out” your personal information from our active consumer database, i.e., the data we use to provide our services, please visit the True Data “opt out” (“Do Not Sell”) page. If you are requesting access to your personal information, or deletion of information we have collected directly from you (but not an “opt out”) then proceed to the below forms.

For more information about TrueData’s privacy practices and your rights under specific data privacy laws, please review our privacy policy.
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